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Willa Monika

Noclegi Zieleniec

Villa Monica is located in Zieleniec which is the largest ski resort in the Valley and one of the largest in the Sudetenland. Zieleniec is located at an altitude of 950 m above sea level in the band of the Orlické Mountains. There's a unique microclimate (the only one in Poland) similar to alpine.

Zieleniec northern slopes is an excellent ski areas where the snow is nearly 150 days. Zieleniec offers 20 lifts, and for those who like night skiing, there are eight illuminated prepared slopes.

Everybody can find something for themselves ranging from very mild slopes for beginners

the slopes for advanced skiers. Zieleniec is a beautiful place surrounded by woods. The area invites visitors to take a walk, mushroom picking, cycling, picnics, and recreational and social playground. This is an ideal place for nature lovers and vacations far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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